Ellen of the Olde Ways

Ellen of the Old WaysThis painting depicts the ancient goddess “Ellen of the Olde Ways”. She is the guardian of the ley lines and the dream ways and was closely tied to the faery folk. She is the only horned goddess in existence and wears the antlers of the female Reindeer.

She offers you the universal key to whichever door awaits you. She stands beneath the etherial rainbow, the bridge to multiple realms.

On the right side of the painting a lyrebird and a spotted quoll are depicted, both of which are native to Australia. The lyrebird is known for not having a call of its own. No one knows what sound its makes because it only mocks the sounds of other animals. The lyrebird represents those who have not found their own call, but Ellen of the ways is there to assist. The words written on the scroll in ancient runic read “YOU ARE THE HOLDER OF YOUR DESTINY LOOK WITHIN “which is the key message i wished to relay for this painting.

The left hand side of the painting features a fox and a hare, two woodland creatures that have always intrigued and inspired me. The fox is a shapeshifting animal that moves in and out of other realms.

An owl holding a key, red a white spotted mushrooms “Amanita Muscaria” and a gypsy caravan are also included, the owl serves as a messenger between the worlds, the mushrooms are sacred to me since a little girl and the reindeer are known to feed on them as well as Scandinavian shamans used them for many different purposes.

This artwork is all about abundance and inviting people to find out who they truly are. The word tarot translates to “the royal road to wisdom ” and this painting is all about staying on that road until you reach your destiny .

This painting is 90cm wide and 120 cm long and is painted on wood .

Prints now available on canvas any size even larger than original available and also A4 and A5 signed and sealed ready for framing.

Email me for details until further print prices are released.


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