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  • Fortuna Tea Leaf Reading Divination Cups and Saucers

    My new Fortuna Tea Leaf Reading Divination Cups and Saucers I am so happy to release my new Fortuna Tea Leaf Reading Divination Cups and Saucers. I have spent years designing and…

  • Skirt of Sorrow

    Skirt of sorrow… I Stitched this skirt myself

  • Dmt wattle faery! water is life !!

    This piece is done in acrylics ,oils, inks and pencil, Water is life and comes from space, the cycle of life, even the little hummingbirds lick this faery tears sustaining life

  • My gypsy art wagon is on the move!

    She made her debut at the Springbrook Winterfair !


    All my life i have dreamed of having my own little gypsy wagon,I have painted so many over the years in many of my paintings, Last November on my birthday i put…


    I’m so happy to announce that my Faery Magic Message cards have arrived ! They are absolute quality and gorgeous! Published by Animal Dreaming publishing. 20 years of my artwork has gone…

  • Fortune Wheels of Life

    Sharon McLeod has been been making these dear little fortune wheels, inspired by the 1920s game of life wheel. Spin the wheel and see what life has instore for me!

  • My latest collaboration! Fortuna tea leaf reading cups.

    FORTUNE CUPS-with Monique Quarantine and Sharon McLeod. For the past 6 months i have been collaborating with my best friend and artist{potter} Monique throws each cup and saucer, everyone is made from…

  • The Bird Lady from Pleiades

    THE BIRD LADY FROM PLEIADES.. She is birthed from inks ,watercolours and pencil. ORIGINAL SOLD, Prints are available A4 and also canvas prints any size on request ,email me for a quote,…

  • Kuan Yin – She who hears the weeping world

    Kuan Yin, her name means “She who hears the weeping world” and she refuses to ascend until the whole world stops suffering. She is one of my fave goddesses and I just…

  • Faery Magic Message Cards nearly here!

    My Faery Magic message cards are only a couple of months away! You can pre order your signed deck now from me (email/Facebook) or through AnimalDreamingPublishing.com or Amazon.com! So exciting !

  • Miami Marketta Exhibition !!!

    I will be exhibiting 20 meters of wall space at Miami Marketta this Wednesday the 16th November ! I will have originals and prints and my art cards, tarot and me oracle…

  • Linden postcard show

    I finally finished these 3 paintings for the Linden Postcard show in Melbourne in October. They measure 8 x 10 inches on wood panels, $420 each

  • Tiny winged donkey

    Tiny winged donkey fascinates the little girl with the Ermine on her shoulder . Original has SOLD but prints available

  • Little donkey heading towards the 5th dimension

    This painting is on wood and painted in acrylics, its huge measuring one and half metres long and one metre tall. The original has sold but I have prints on order available,…

  • Little Fawn

    Little Fawn hand painted on wood panel, one of Sharon McLeod’s images for her upcoming horned woman journey oracle deck

  • Elen & her shrooms Artwork

    Elen of the ways walks on the leylines bringing new energy forth, she holds a bundle of mushrooms and toadstools, used by shamans of old to open up the pineal gland and…

  • Elen and her Shrooms – Artwork

    Sharon McLeod with her Elen and her Shrooms painting.
  • Faery Message cards pre orders coming soon

  • Sagitario

    Half deer half woman is this darling, painted on wood she plays with the dove and bluebird as the Raven steals an arrow Original for sale

  • Faery message cards coming soon !!

    For the last few months I have been finishing the writing and artwork for my Faery message cards,there will be 70 cards all featuring my art from over the years til now…

  • Bohemian Animal Tarot Colouring in book

    My latest colouring in book has just been reprinted, The Bohemian Animal Tarot colouring in book features the 23 major arcana from The Bohemian Animal Tarot written by Scott Alexander King and…

  • The Selkie

    The Selkie is a shapeshifter of the sea, when she comes to land she unzips her seal skin to become a human woman, if a human finds her skin he may marry…

  • Bohemian Animal Tarot hits the USA

    What a fantastic review, too, Sharon! http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/bohemian-animal-tarot/review.shtml

  • Little handpainted foxes

  • Fox Girl

  • Ellen of the Olde Ways

    This painting depicts the ancient goddess “Ellen of the Olde Ways”. She is the guardian of the ley lines and the dream ways and was closely tied to the faery folk. She…

  • Grandmas old fortune telling cards

    I’m so over the moon to finally receive my grandmas old fortune telling cards,I remember these when I was a little girl ,I was so intrigued and all my aunts,nana and gran…

  • Fallen Twig gnomes

    Ground yourself with these dear little hand painted gnome icons and invoke abundance!!!Gnomes are known to fossick for treasure,dwelling where the gemstones lay.Having your own little gnome is bound to bring abundance

  • Dear little wooden mushroom pendants

    Hand sawn and hand painted by Sharon McLeod from fallen branches

  • New Eftpos facilities !!!

    I’m happy to announce I now have eftpos facilities,I will be at Mt Tambourine Markets this Sunday with my art stall,come along and say hello


    On June 27th the BOHEMIAN ANIMAL TAROT EXHIBITION took place at the Old Blue church on Mt. Tambourine. There was music, fire twirling, food, and of course; art. The original paintings of…


    My new Published Oracle and Tarot Card Decks are now available for purchase on my ETSY STORE! Click the Links Below to purchase! x Blessings, Sharon The Oracle Of The Innocent Heart…

  • 20131016-072212.jpg

    Oracle of the Innocent Heart

  • Garden art

    In between art my shoulders get sore so that’s when I go into my garden,look what I harvested today !Red dragon carrots from diggers seed saving club and Japanese spring onion and…

  • Forcing myself to draw

    Since I have finished painting the Bohemian Animal Tarot two months ago I haven’t drawn a thing since yesterday. I needed a big break from the intensity of art. Its funny as…


    WELCOME TO MY NEW WEBSITE!  I’m so happy to finally be connected to the world again. My new site allows you to see the things I can custom make for you- (commissions),…