Oracle of the Wylder Ones

Sharon McLeod’s latest Oracle deck has arrived! My new Wylder Ones oracle deck has arrived and I’m so happy with the Deck. Blue Angel Publishing has totally honoured the art with thick card stock and gold inlay on the booklet and backs of cards, they are beyond my expectations. Taking orders for signed copies $35 […]

Grandmas old fortune telling cards

I’m so over the moon to finally receive my grandmas old fortune telling cards,I remember these when I was a little girl ,I was so intrigued and all my aunts,nana and gran always included me in these afternoon rituals of card reading,After 10 years after her death they finally fell into my hands !!!

Garden art

In between art my shoulders get sore so that’s when I go into my garden, look what I harvested today! Red dragon carrots from diggers seed saving club and Japanese spring onion and mixed salad, all for tonight’s dinner x