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All prints are printed on 300gsm thick paper.I have been working on this painting or the good half of 2020 The bees have been working through me now for half my life, directing me in what to paint next. This is an ode to all the bees. The sacred crops of cannabis are pollinated through them. Cannabis is a sacred medicine that heals many people with many ailments and I feel it’s about time we legalised this herb so everyone can use it without feeling like a criminal!

The blue leaf on the bees throat is all about communication, let’s talk about this without judgement. The beautiful winged serpents in this painting flew in later. When I researched the winged serpent I found out they once guarded the ancient Frankincense crops of ancient a Arabia, so here they are again guarding the cannabis crops in my painting. The flowers around this bee are all Australian and the little creature in her hand is Australia’s smallest possum which feeds on honey.

There are 9 bees in total representing the 9 priestesses of the ancient bee cults. The little blue bee being is an ‘Australian Burrowing Blue Bee.’ On completion of this painting I had some little buzzing bees come inside my home and buzz around the painting. I saw this as a sign of approval from my little bee friends. So I offer you this with love from myself, and the bees.

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