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I present to you… My Kali Blue Bee Print!!!

Kali is the sound that created the Universe. Her name means “Black Mother Time”.

9 dead bees lay at the feet of Kali. 9 bees representing the 9 priestesses of the ancient bee cults… The witnessing of the 9 dead bees have tipped Kali over the edge! Her killing spree will hold all those accountable who harm the bees, because if the bees die – we die.

50 skulls adorn her necklace – representing the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet

32 strings of star beads around her neck.

Her elephant earrings are a glimpse at her vast size.

Crowned atop her head is a beautiful headpiece that is aligned with the uterus and cervix.

It was weirdly a LOT of fun to paint this.

KALI MA – I love you

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