Symbols for Divination: An Illustrated Guide for Fortune Tellers



This book features full colour illustrations and chapters with basic definitions of a variety of symbols.

Linen bound, embossed with Gold Edges.

This magical book was birthed due to requests from people interested in developing their skills in the art of divination. For years I have been holding tea leaf divination parties, teaching people how to read tea leaves with my hand-designed fortune cups and saucers. It’s from these gatherings that I felt inspired to create such a book.

My ancestors whispered in my ear and encouraged me to create this comprehensive guide, a simple easy to read book you can quickly refer to.

With only a brief description of each symbol, this book gives the reader a small introductory insight into their meanings, and allows room for their own interpretations, and make spark further explorations.. 

Accompanying the definitions are a range of hand drawn illustrations. As an artist I wanted this book to be beautiful as well as informative. 

In these modern times the ancient and traditional ways are sometimes lost. I desire to captivate the audience, young and old alike, and draw them into a mystical, esoteric world. 

Symbolism is all around us. Understanding them can enrich our lives. Divination is a valuable tool that allows us to interpret these symbols and use them to better understand ourselves and our path. 

Wishing you fun and happiness on your journey!

With Love from me to you,

Sharon McLeod