The Tarot is equipped to offer clarity in all areas of our life. While the cards can suggest ways to deal with life circumstance and offer hope and direction, the Tarot’s real purpose is to empower us and to offer us the courage and strength to believe in ourselves more. It is designed to help us become more spiritually self-reliant and more interdependent (as opposed to being co-dependent) in our relationships.

Sharon Mcleod, the artist behind the groundbreaking BOHEMIAN ANIMAL TAROT, is now offering private TAROT READINGS by phone.

The readings last for approximately 1 hour, and cost $200.

Please note that there is currently at least one week’s wait to enjoy a reading with Sharon, and payment must be made by direct deposit and cleared prior to your reading.

To make an appointment: Please EMAIL sharonmcleod3@bigpond.com and Sharon will suggest an appointment time and give the bank details for direct transfer. She will also give you the mobile number on which to call for the reading.