My gypsy art wagon is on the move!

She made her debut at the Springbrook Winterfair !

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All my life i have dreamed of having my own little gypsy wagon,I have painted so many over the years in many of my paintings,

Last November on my birthday i put a deposit down to get my own little darling built by the makers at Bowtop wagons Canungra,since then i have been paying her off and painting her, my friend Monique Quarantini is also helping me paint her, she is painting the borders/facia with poisonous flowers and herbs,im so honoured to have Monique give up so much time to help me paint her.!

Recently my eldest daughter Freya came up from Melbourne and gave me a day of her time to paint a dear little corn woman on the back.You can see her in the photos below.

Ill keep you all updated on the progress of “the Faery Queen” thats what i have named her

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Im so happy to announce that my Faery Magic Message cards have arrived !

They are absolute quality and gorgeous! Published by Animal Dreaming publishing.

20 years of my artwork has gone into them and there are 70 cards in the deck with the messages for each card written on the back of the card


, that way you can keep them in your bag or anywhere and don’t have to refer to a book

If you would like a signed copy or just a copy ,you can order them directly from me, just email me or Facebook message me and ┬ál will organise postage and payment ,at the moment I’m having issues with Paypal linking so its best to just order directly from me.

They are $30 each plus postage xx

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Fortune wheels of life

I have been making these dear little fortune wheels inspired by the 1920s game of life wheel.

Spin the wheel and see what life has instal for me !

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My latest collaboration !Fortuna tea leaf reading cups.

FORTUNE CUPS-with Monique Quarantine and Sharon McLeod.

For the past 6 months i have been collaborating with my best friend and artist{potter}

Monique throws each cup and saucer, everyone is made from porcelain and is completely different, we then fire them then decorate each one then re-fire at least once.

here a some of the collection ,they are $315 each.

You can check out more of our cups on our Fortuna the cups with Sharon McLeod and Monique Quarantine facebook pageOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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The Bird Lady from Pleiades


She is birthed from inks ,watercolours and pencil.

ORIGINAL SOLD,Prints are available A4 and also canvas prints any size on request ,email me for a quote,I hope you enjoy her energy as much as i enjoyed painting her.

She will be featuring on the cover of my upcoming oracle deck xx


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Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin, her name means “She who hears the weeping world ” and she refuses to ascend until the whole world stops suffering.She is one of my fave goddesses and i just love to paint her.

She is on wood panel and measures 80 cm x 120 cm, she is quite heavy as she is on solid wood.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A4 prints available and also canvass prints on request, what ever size you like.

Original for sale ,message me x

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