My newFortuna Tea Leaf Reading Divination Cups and Saucers

I am so happy to release my new Fortuna Divination tea leaf reading cups and saucers.I have spent years designing and bringing them into the world.

As many of you already know that both my grandmothers were tea leaf readers and also Tarot  card readers, so these cups and saucers are a little ode to them.I remember as a young girl getting my tea cup read after a cuppa, thats where my love of tea stems from.

They are made from fine bona china and  there are 5 different designs ,only 100 of each design printed and they each come with a certificate of authenticity..

Here are some images of them to take a look at .I am also selling them in a few shops around Australia.

Spellbox Melbourne currently stock them

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Skirt of Sorrow…I Stitched this skirt myself


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Hinterland Magic


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Dmt wattle faery! water is life !!

This piece is done in acrylics ,oils, inks and pencil,

Water is life and comes from space ,the cycle of life ,even the little hummingbirds lick this faery tears sustaining life



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My gypsy art wagon is on the move!

She made her debut at the Springbrook Winterfair !

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All my life i have dreamed of having my own little gypsy wagon,I have painted so many over the years in many of my paintings,

Last November on my birthday i put a deposit down to get my own little darling built by the makers at Bowtop wagons Canungra,since then i have been paying her off and painting her, my friend Monique Quarantini is also helping me paint her, she is painting the borders/facia with poisonous flowers and herbs,im so honoured to have Monique give up so much time to help me paint her.!

Recently my eldest daughter Freya came up from Melbourne and gave me a day of her time to paint a dear little corn woman on the back.You can see her in the photos below.

Ill keep you all updated on the progress of “the Faery Queen” thats what i have named her

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