About Sharon McLeod

“In my world the dream is real and life is the illusion…”

My name is Sharon McLeod. I reside in the Gold Coast hinterland living the dream and expressing myself through everything I do. I have lived here for almost 20 years with my daughters Freya and Lillith and my cat Xena in the cutest little cottage complete with running springs, elaborate gardens, ancient trees, and magic in the air. My rainforest surroundings continue to inspire me daily.

The garden is an extension of my soul and my art. Growing my own food is important to me, and everything I do in my garden I see as a form of creation. I run my own roadside stall selling seasonal produce to the community. I harvest fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers of all kinds.

My art reflects my interests in all things cute and fantastic. I depict the Goddess, faeries, forest dwellers, creatures great and small, and myths of olde through my creations.

My early work featured in magazines such as Witchcraft, Spellcraft, Magic and Fae Magazine.

Throughout my career I have also been part of multiple oracle decks, and in 2016, I painted my own tarot deck, “the Bohemian Animal Tarot” – a long-term dream of mine came true. It won the Carter awards for divination in 2015.

I am fascinated with Gypsy lore and have recently launched my own range of fine-bone china tea-leaf reading cups and created my own caravan inspired by Gypsy tradition. It has been an absolute pleasure to reconnect with my ancestry through divinatory practice.

I sell my cups in my online store and they are also stocked in SpellBox Melbourne and ‘The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors’ (COSM) gift shop in New York.

I also handpainted my very own gypsy wagon which you can view in more detail in my online gallery. Follow me on social media to hear more about my life and art.

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