Queen Bee



All Queen Bee prints are printed on 300gsm thick paper.

The Queen Bee painting is very dear to me as the magic started well before I laid brush to wood. I was talking to a friend on my back veranda about how I had applied for a space in an exclusive painting intensive at COSM, Upstate NY. I said to my friend if I get accepted into the intensive I would paint the Queen Bee. We shared stories of the rare Australian ‘blue bee’ and its symbolism. Out of nowhere a Blue bee came buzzing and flying straight for me. It landed less than a metre away and rested whilst I finished my story.

It was truly magical moment and I took it as a sign from the Queen Bee that she wanted to be honoured. I went to NYC and got to paint with 22 amazing artists from all around the world under the guidance of Alex Grey, it was there this Bee Goddess was birthed. She has so much infused energy of love for the bees and hopefully this piece can make people love bees and remember how important they are – eat organic when u can as bees don’t like chemicals.

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